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     GSK Biologicals

  • Realization of different Clean Steam emergency stops in various buildings ;
  • Realization of a new WFI distribution loop with new pumps and SMOR valve installations ;
  • Cleaning automation of 20L fermentors ;
  • Study, realization and placement of TOC, DryFog and DIW skid ;
  • Fermentor modification ;
  • BME Station (toxic product neutralization station) ;
  • Plant WFI system modification ;
  • Realization of a prototype stand (Transvessels) ;
  • Loop balancing with certified flowmeters.

     GSK Dresden

  • Realization of Transvessels type stands.

     GSK Saint-Amand

  • Realization of Transvessels type stands.


  • Realization of an 18 valve manifold providing piping and vessel CIP flexibility ;
  • Installation of a new buffer tank with connection to various fluids supplying a nutrition bag filling machine ;
  • Realization of a CIP station with mobile tank automation ;
  • Nanofiltration stations ;
  • UF station ;
  • Installation of new WFI distribution loops ;
  • Installation of transfer panels ;
  • Nutrition Pilot Plan.


  • New supply for WFI, CAP, CS, clean utilities of various rooms and connection to different production equipments ;
  • Revamping of a room (various supply piping grouping in a same room) ;
  • VMRD.


  • Installation of new filling lines.

     3C France

  • Realization of connection piping for new fermentors ;
  • Realization of connection piping for blood filtration skid (Netherlands).


  • Water supply system upgrade.


  • Realization, installations and modifications of a purified water distribution loop, compressed air systems,...